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league title with Liga de Quito. He then tried Cheap Clarisonic PLUS his luck with PSV Eindhoven, winning two Dutch titles, followed by a short stay at Atletico Mineiro in Brazil. Mendez then went home again Men Clarisonic PLUS , to Emelec a The Clarisonic PLUS nd another spell at Li Clarisonic PLUS ga de Quito. This year, he was on the move once more, signing for Independiente de Sante Fe, in Colombia. Once the World Cup is over, Mendez will seek another challenge with one last club. For now, it is the World Cup which is concentrating his mind and he will be key to his team's chances along with fellow experienced internationals, goalkeeper Agustin Delgado and defender Ulises de la Cruz. Come what may in Brazil, Mendez will always remember his humble roots which helped propel him to fame and fortune. "Sometimes to become somebody, you have to go hungry. The key to success is there," he said. English music legend Fatboy Slim (aka Norman Cook) has produced some of the world’s most iconic hits, played to thousands at f Official Clarisonic PLUS estivals and gigs throughout his career, but he admits this summer

is lining up to be one of the most eager Official Clarisonic PLUS ly-anticipated of his li Men Clarisonic PLUS fe. With a samba-themed album on the way, he speaks exclusively to about the origins of his love for Brazil, Clarisonic PLUS his tips for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazilâ„¢ title and his friendship with a famous Brazilian No9. How did your relationship with foot Cheap Clarisonic PLUS ball start? Fatboy Slim: I had a stuttering start to football as I never really committed fully to watching the game until I moved to Brighton when I was 18. I’ve been Brighton all the way since then, going from being a fan to being a shirt sponsor to then being a shareholder and now I’m kind of the mascot of the team. My role has mainly been fundraising which, for a l The Clarisonic PLUS ot of years, was to do with the club’s very existence, and then helping to get the stadium. Now my work is done with that, I’m a lifelong season ticket holder, and they do let me play the odd gig and football match at the stadium, although I’m certainly a better DJ than I am a footballer. What&

rsquo;s your earliest memory of the World Cup? I don&rs Clarisonic PLUS quo;t remember watching 1966, but I was Men Clarisonic PLUS seven in 1970, thinking that England were probably going to win the World Cup again, and getting very over-excited. That was probably my first really bitter taste of defeat because, to me, it was odds on that we were going to win again. M Official Clarisonic PLUS y life since has been me continually lowering my expectations of English football and life in general. I remember sobbing my heart out to my father because I couldn’t believe we had lost. It was a very painful experience, dominated by this certain South American team that played in yellow. It w Cheap Clarisonic PLUS as then that I realised that people who played in yellow shirts were cooler and better at football than the England team. 1970 was many years before my The Clarisonic PLUS real passion for Brazil came out, which was initially musically, although music and football go hand in hand in Brazil. Can you give us an example of that? I started hanging out with Ronaldo a few years ago, he started coming to my shows

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